Home Fire Safety

If there were a fire in your home, would you and your family members know what to do?

Providing safety in your home

Swartz Fire & Safety wants to keep your family as safe as possible should a fire arise. Please contact us to make sure you have the following items in your home:

  • Fire Extinguishers – one for each floor and one for the garage. The All Purpose ABC Fire Extinguisher is the best fire extinguisher for home use.
  • Smoke Detectors – Install a smoke alarm in every bedroom, outside any sleeping areas and have one on every floor. A good rule of thumb is to change the batteries twice a year when the clocks change for daylight savings time. We carry smoke detectors from Kidde.
  • Carbon Monoxide Detectors ‐ A carbon monoxide (CO) detector is designed to detect carbon monoxide in the air. CO is a deadly, colorless, odorless, poisonous gas. It is produced by the incomplete burning of various fuels, including coal, wood, charcoal, oil, kerosene, propane, and natural gas. Products and equipment powered by internal combustion engines such as portable generators, cars, lawn mowers, and power washers also produce CO. We carry products from Kidde.

    CO information from the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission
  • Safety Ladder –If you have a multi‐story home, you will want to have an escape ladder on your upper floors. These ladders are compact and should be kept near a window. Make sure family members know where the ladder is kept and how to use it. We carry products from Kidde.

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